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The New Streaming World

Hats off to The Washington Post for writing an excellent article into the new state of the music business with the article “The New Streaming World: How One Band is Trying to Make It in a Business Turned Upside Down.”  

The article focuses on the band, The Orwells, who you likely never heard of but that’s sort of the point of the article.

If nothing else, here’s the key factoid: less than 1 percent of songs represent 86 percent of the music streamed, according to the market research company Nielsen.  That means the remaining 99% of songs (and musicians) have to survive on 14% of what little income is left.  The music business is wealth inequality on steroids, all driven by technology.

Richard Ashcroft “They Don’t Own Me”

Richard Ashcroft’s new album, THESE PEOPLE, is fantastic.  I’ve been a big fan since his first album ALONE WITH EVERYBODY. However, his subsequent albums never quite achieved the same greatness.

But he’s somehow finally figured it all out, again, and nailed it.

If you don’t know RA, he’s the former lead singer for THE VERVE, who achieved stardom wit “Bittersweet Symphony.”  

Here’s the new single …

Cuban Gold Rush

I read a recent article in my hometown newspaper, The Columbus Dispatch, entitled “Rihanna and Mick Jagger Party as Gold Rush Mood Grips Havana.”

I’m glad I got to visit there before the “gold rush” hit – it’ll be bananas in five years, although it’ll likely still retain many of its charms.  It’s the people that make that place special.  It was one of the best trips of my life.

Upon telling my travel story to others, I know of at least five other people I’ve inspired to also travel there – that’s inspirational in itself.

My trip to Cuba was way back in 2003 with my good friend Patrick Lacho (Jai Gopal), almost twelve years ago.  Good memories.  Before blogs and WordPress existed.  I’ll have to post something up about the trip sometime soon …

Phoenix (U2) & Sedona, Arizona – April 2015

Some pictures from a trip earlier in year to Phoenix, Arizona to see U2.  I really wanted to see them inside an arena.  I didn’t much like their stadium 360 Tour, which I saw in Toronto, Canada. The stadium concert was too impersonal and sound quality sucked.

The U2 show in Phoenix, however, was great – sound was amazing, and it brought back great memories of their Vertigo tour in 2006, which remains my favorite.

I always enjoy a quick trio to Phoenix area – the desert landscape is good for the soul.  

I also drove up to beautiful Sedona area, where I hadn’t been in over 25 years.  I drove through there briefly way back in 1990, as I recall.  It’s still an amazing and one-of-a-kind place to visit – the vistas are spectacular.  

I’m glad I returned.