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Take Kids on Vacay

Miles Luke holding Rock edited

USA Today published an article on benefits of taking kids on vacation.

Having done a couple trips with kids, it sure ain’t easy at first but once you figure out what works – and what doesn’t – it’s a fun experience discovering new places together.

For me, the hardest part was finding the right activity/experience that both kids and adults can enjoy at the same time.  It’s harder than it sounds.  

Bringing along an iPad for kids to entertain themselves on road trips to and from – just like at home – certainly helps, too.

Travel Solo Getting Press

The Denver Post published “The unexpected benefits of traveling alone” article on benefits of traveling solo.  Good reading.

As a frequent solo traveller myself, the article reaffirms my belief that traveling alone is one of the greatest gifts one can do for themselves.  

You can do whatever you want, see whatever you want, eat whatever you want.  You can do nothing or everything. I call it absolute freedom.”

There are some quotes and references in the article to the travel websites Nomadic Matt and SoloTravelWorld, which are great resources.

Read the full article on The Denver Post.