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Covid-19 Nightmare 2020

by Monte R.

Good times in America.  The Covid-19 virus pandemic is turning into a big nightmare for everybody.

When I returned from Los Angeles in January, after seeing some travelers inside LAX wearing masks already, I thought this whole thing might blow over soon.  But now?

Realistically, we’re looking at another year (or more) of partial lockdowns, restricted airline travel, and perhaps years of social distancing and other controls until a vaccine is discovered.

The best analysis I’ve read says a vaccine isn’t realistic for 5-10 years.  Maybe never.  Most of the articles saying otherwise are being promoted by big pharma to boost stock prices in their pipe dreams.

More realistically, there may never be a vaccine.  Nearly 40 years later, there still is no vaccine for HIV, the last deadly epidemic that hit America, and that virus was much more traceable.  Even worse, even if there is a vaccine, many Americans may not take it due to the anti-vaccine paranoia.

No matter how you slice it, it’s going to be rough time ahead.

From the lockdowns, businesses being shuttered, wearing masks, hotels and restaurants and movie theaters closed – pretty much everything that makes life enjoyable is on hold until further notice.  This is a nightmare unfolding in slow motion.

With schools being shuttered, our kids are going stir crazy.  It’s not easy to home school either. The monotony is rough.  But we’re thankful for what we have as we know many others don’t have even some of what we’ve got.

Most of my business activity is on hold, beyond basic administration of stuff.  It’s like the world has stopped spinning.  Our world won’t be the same after this virus pandemic.

Our Orange Barking Clown President makes it even worse, with his incompetent administration and knuckle-dragging cult followers.

My dad can’t visit my mom anymore inside the nursing home.  He’s upset.  Everything is awful.  And now the pro-business lobby is trying to open up parts of America in the face of the virus epidemic, despite the deadly risks ahead.

Slate ran a good article on this entire nightmare summing it up:

The ideological disease that cripples the United States is the belief that society does not exist beyond its commercial activity.”

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