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London – Solo Trip Report

by Monte R.


I arrived today in Cambridge

I swear to God, a sense of ‘déjà vu’ hit me here again today as I was walking down the main strip of Cambridge.  I truly feel like I’ve been here before.  The same thing hit me when my mom first took me here way back in 1985 – I just feel like I’ve been here before in England, perhaps in a prior life.

Cambridge is a cool university town.  The main drag has tons of cool pubs and ethnic food restaurants and shops.  Lots of college kids, lots of energy.

I’m staying at a B&B pub inn called The Earl of Derby.  It’s exactly what I expected and it’s perfect.  I just love the beer pub culture here in England.

June 8, 2018

I’m on the Northern Train out of Cambridge to London.  I’m rolling in first class.  It’s swank– comfortable seats, table, outlets for electronics.  For only $20 pounds, it’s a good deal to roll through the English countryside.  I’m on vacay – time to splurge.

I remember when my mom took my and my brother  to England back in the 1980s.  Good memories.

I’m in London now.  And it just came over the news wires that Anthony Bourdain has died in France from suicide. I’ve been reading his books and watching his TV shows since his first book, Kitchen Confidential.  I loved hearing him talk and his love for food and travel was just awesome.  He was an inspiring character, one-of-a-kind.

One major highlight was the 007 exhibit Bond in Motion at the London Film Museum.

In London, some other great experiences were the Lebanese restaurants near Paddington Station, The British Museum, The Tate Modern, Kensington Gardens, Harrods, Selfridges, and seeing the Queens Jubilee parade.

On my last night, I saw the Scottish band Travis, which was amazing.

I stayed at the Montcalm Hotel, located in the business district.  Great hotel, but I didn’t like the location, nor the club-like atmosphere on the roof every night.

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