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Travel Flashback: Riviera Maya (2008)

by Monte R.

I went to Cancun for the first time with a girl I met in Canada.

We stayed at the Rui Cancun.  It was my first time at an all-inclusive.  It was swank, at least back then, but who knows now.

DSCN0410.JPGI didn’t like the city of Cancun too much (dirty & touristy) although the beaches/water were amazing – incredible, actually.  Swimming in that beautiful blue Caribbean water, is like swimming in your bathtub water.  Perfect.

I later headed on down to Riviera Maya, which I liked far better – less developed, with great beaches.  I enjoyed that area much more.  Maybe it’s changed for the better since.

I love swimming in that beautiful blue warm Caribbean water.  I also got to visit the famous Mayan ruin, Chitzen Itza (aka “Chicken Pizza”) and swam in one of the underground cenotes (cave lagoons).

I’ve returned to Riviera Maya a couple times since, although the coral reefs have virtually disappeared due to climate change.

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