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Equality for All Parents

by Monte R.

Good news for parents that believe in equality in parenting.  

The State of Michigan House just passed a bill requiring “joint legal custody” except in cases of concern.  Michigan is now joining a growing list of other states (Iowa, Kentucky,  Missouri, South Dakota, Arkansas) that have started the process of changing their laws, each with variation, to reflect the new reality of shared parenting.   The fact this issue is now entering public discussion nationwide is a positive step forward for kids.

Parenting has changed dramatically over the past 40 years — both parents want equal access to their children.  Reform is needed to remove discretion from judges in child custody cases, said state Rep. Jim Runestad, who sponsored the legislation, also wrote this article.

“We have study after study of the benefits of shared parenting. It’s a tremendous benefit for the children.”

Read the entire article here on Detroit Free Press.

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