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This Dumbo Doesn’t Fly …

by Monte R.

Tim Burton messed up Dumbo for me, which was one of my favorite animated movies from childhood.  It’s dark, gloomy (& boring) and visually it looks like a David Fincher’s Seven, a serial killer movie. It put my 5 year old to sleep – worst sin of them all.

This is one of those sounds great on paper ideas: Tim Burton remaking the 1941 Walt Disney version of Dumbo.  What could go wrong?  The original was filled with super bright Technicolor, fun and full of life, excellent voices and characters, not to mention it being only an hour long.  In contrast, Tim Burton’s Dumbo is dreary and depressing, the characters are dark and unfunny.  And no crows either, of course, along with a totally different ending.

Save yourself the agony, you don’t want to see this Pennywise make-up elephant fly.

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