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Washington DC – 36 Hours – Trip Report

by Monte R.

IMG_1219I just spent the last 36 hours in Washington DC, on my way to Europe. 

I haven’t visited our nation’s capital since our high school field trip in 1988, as I recall. 

It seems smaller than I remembered, or even what I imagined from the television news. Everything from the Pentagon to the Congressional buildings seemed like it was in very close proximity.  Whatever.

The city was packed with high school groups, of course, no escaping that, I guess.  Every building was packed, long lines to get inside, that was not fun.  Not much has changed on that front. It was also hot 85F and I wore jeans – bad choice. 

I did enjoy seeing the Washington Monument, National Air and Space Museum and The National Portrait Gallery, which had some great works by Modigliani, Van Gogh, Chaim Soutine, Matisse and Renoir.  

The Air & Space Museum had a “2001: A Space Oddysey” exhibit of the Bromicide Feast room.  As I’m a huge Stanley Kubrick fan, that was cool experience, so great timing.

There was a eye catching series of four artworks by painter Thomas Cole, whom I was not familiar.  The series was entitled The Voyage of Life (1842).  I thoroughly enjoyed that stuff.


On the second day, I quickly visited the WWII, Korea and Vietnam Veterans Memorials.  I also did the obligatory Lincoln monument visit.  I rented a bike, rode quickly the White House and then that was it. 

I took the Amtrak out of Union Station to Baltimore to catch my flight to Iceland at 7pm tonight. Amtrak could use an upgrade.  It seems like it’s stuck 20 years in the past.

Travel Tips
Rent a Capitol City bike!  It saves time and walking energy.  They also have rentable electric scooters, but they were hard to find.  Uber was quick and easy wherever I wanted to go.

Don’t bring kids under the age of ten, in my opinion.  One day, I’ll bring my kids for a visit, when they get much older, as the exhibits require a more mature understanding of the world to appreciate.  

  • Hyatt Regency Crystal City (got two free nights using points)
  • Mezeh Mediterranean (excellent)
  • Roti Mediterranean (Chipotle like Mediterranean)
  • Bozzeli’s Italian (tiny shop, was awesome)

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