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Phoenix (U2) & Sedona, Arizona – April 2015

by Monte R.

Some pictures from a trip earlier in year to Phoenix, Arizona to see U2.  I really wanted to see them inside an arena.  I didn’t much like their stadium 360 Tour, which I saw in Toronto, Canada. The stadium concert was too impersonal and sound quality sucked.

The U2 show in Phoenix, however, was great – sound was amazing, and it brought back great memories of their Vertigo tour in 2006, which remains my favorite.

I always enjoy a quick trio to Phoenix area – the desert landscape is good for the soul.  

I also drove up to beautiful Sedona area, where I hadn’t been in over 25 years.  I drove through there briefly way back in 1990, as I recall.  It’s still an amazing and one-of-a-kind place to visit – the vistas are spectacular.  

I’m glad I returned.


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