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Vitorrio De Sica: Garden of Finzi Contini

FinziContini“The thing is, you can’t count on anything. And nothing permanent can be permitted to take place during this period of waiting.

De Sica’s film creates a feeling of nostalgia for a lost time and place, but it isn’t the nostalgia of looking back. It’s the nostalgia of the time itself, when people still inhabiting their world could sense it slipping away, and already missed what they had not yet lost.”

-excerpt from Roger Ebert’s review of The Garden of Finzi Contini (1971) by director Vitorrio De Sica, who also directed The Leopard (1963), perhaps his best film about the passing of time. 

The Chancellor Affair: The FBI File

Chancellor FBI FileI just published a short ebook on my great relative of mine, William Estebrook Chancellor.  

Entitled “The Chancellor Affair: The FBI File: The True Story about How President Warren G. Harding Abused Power in the White House and Silenced His Most Vocal Critic” it’s a true story that is hard to believe.  

It was handed down to me orally in fragmented parts over the years from my mom, aunts and uncles, whom had direct knowledge of the events. It took me a decade to figure it all out from archival resources, and there was so much misinformation on due, in part, to certain Harding biographers like John Deane.

Here’s the summary: The American economy is in a recession. The Republican president, with strong ties to the oil industry, is dim-witted but loyal to a fault. The US Attorney General is abusing power against American citizens. And a book, written by an outspoken political critic, bashes the president and causes an uproar among the masses.

Looking back almost 100 years, a previously untold retribution scenario played itself out with United States President Warren G. Harding, Attorney General Harry Daugherty and college professor, William Estabrook Chancellor.

Download the ebook on Amazon.