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American Health Care System is a Rip-Off

The NY Times published a detailed article showing that the key reason for our current health care cost epidemic is not because people are getting sicker and using more medical services, rather it’s simply the costs that keep going up —

“A single-payer system could also regulate prices. If attempted nationally, or even in a state, either of these would be met with resistance from all those who directly benefit from high prices, including physicians, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies — and pretty much every other provider of health care in the United States.”

More Sad News for US Healthcare

According to Wall Street Journal, the latest Senate Health Bill would raise number of uninsured to 22 million people by 2026 compared to ACA, the CBO says.  

This news is depressing.  

There are politicians who think this is “good” for America, for millions to be without insurance, forced to make life or death decisions based on money or lack thereof.

The United States remains the only industrialized country in the world with a dysfunctional privatized health care system (excluding Medicare/Medicaid).  We have the most expensive care, with the least effective outcomes, in relation to cost.

Every other major industrialized country has already long ago established a single payer system (or some variation) such as Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Sweden, Norway, etc.  

I read recently that Warren Buffet said the greatest threat to capitalism is the cost our health care system.  It’s untenable.