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Billions in Family Dollars Going to Lawyers and Bureaucrats

I came across an excellent article by attorney Leon Koziol via his article, Billions in Child Support Going to Lawyers and Bureaucrats.

porkAttorney Koziol details how the current family legal system exploits children and parents out of billions every year in legal fees, making them fight over their children.

“... parents, children and extended families are being fleeced by lawyers and third party beneficiaries every day to unconscionable levels. It’s all part of a lucrative child control industry.

It’s effectively a $40 billion dollar a year child-trafficking scheme sanctioned by the state.  Koziol writes:

Support obligations are artificially hiked through such judge-created fictions as imputed income. Fathers comprise 82% of support debtors per our Census Bureau …. In countless cases, particularly those involving veterans and minorities, the debtor fathers will never be able to complete their servitude, landing them in debtor prisons

This kind of piling-on caused one police investigator to commit a murder-suicide, leaving three children without parents and city taxpayers with a $2 million liability. Nowhere in the civil rights case will you read about this father leaving support court living on $28 per week, see Pearce v Longo, 766 F. Supp. 2d 367. It begs the question: what would make a law man resort to such extremes after following the “proper” channels?

Welcome to the hell that is the family legal system.  It literally drives thousands of parents to die every year and kids lose their fathers/mothers, all under the bogus fiction doctrine of the “best interest” of the child.

Family Law Equality Reform in 20 States

The Washington Post published an article stating “more than 20 states in 2017 considered laws to promote shared equal (50/50) custody of children after divorce.”

Some states, Kentucky, for instance, already have passed 50/50 shared parenting laws as the presumption, which is a giant leap forward to parental equality. 

This issue is, unfortunately, hard to grasp until you’re subjected to it as a parent.  

One learns quickly fathers (men) are almost always subjected to being the non-custodial parent (NCP) 90% of the time, according the last US Census Report, so there is a gender bias. 

Fathers are, generally, considered to be “inferior” to mothers and not worthy of being the custodial parent (CP).

Family lawyers will bill parents into poverty (or even bankruptcy) fighting for your rights, with little regard for how that financial cost itself negatively impacts the children’s financial futures.  Kids don’t earn incomes.

The courts don’t care either: the average custody case can cost upwards of $50,00 dollars (per parent) in legal fees, with some going even higher.  It all comes out of the kids’ pockets, one way or another, either now or later.  

The system makes parents fight to be named the CP, because the CP gets all the financial breaks and the majority of possession time, whereas the NCP gets shafted. 

kidsThe family law system is built upon inequity.

Every prominent child psychologist says shared (equal  50/50) parenting is in the best interest of the child.  

Illinois currently has a shared parenting bill and it looks like it may pass.