Travel Solo Getting Press

The Denver Post published “The unexpected benefits of traveling alone” article on benefits of traveling solo.  Good reading.

As a frequent solo traveller myself, the article reaffirms my belief that traveling alone is one of the greatest gifts one can do for themselves.  

You can do whatever you want, see whatever you want, eat whatever you want.  You can do nothing or everything. I call it absolute freedom.”

There are some quotes and references in the article to the travel websites Nomadic Matt and SoloTravelWorld, which are great resources.

Read the full article on The Denver Post.


State Lotteries were Rigged

I sometimes happen upon the most interesting articles on random news feeds, which are not widely reported elsewhere.

Here’s one from Denver Post News – a computer programmer somehow rigged the lottery in five states (Colorado, Iowa, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Kansas) to win $2.2m dollars.  The articles doesn’t provide any more details, however.

Beyond the illicit wins and conviction, the bigger question is what about all those people who bought lottery tickets in these states? Are the states going to refund lottery purchases?  Probably not.

I’ll wager there are more instances that remain undiscovered.

Equality for All Parents

Good news for parents that believe in equality in parenting.  

The State of Michigan House just passed a bill requiring “joint legal custody” except in cases of concern.  Michigan is now joining a growing list of other states (Iowa, Kentucky,  Missouri, South Dakota, Arkansas) that have started the process of changing their laws, each with variation, to reflect the new reality of shared parenting.   The fact this issue is now entering public discussion nationwide is a positive step forward for kids.

Parenting has changed dramatically over the past 40 years — both parents want equal access to their children.  Reform is needed to remove discretion from judges in child custody cases, said state Rep. Jim Runestad, who sponsored the legislation, also wrote this article.

“We have study after study of the benefits of shared parenting. It’s a tremendous benefit for the children.”

Read the entire article here on Detroit Free Press.

More Sad News for US Healthcare

According to Wall Street Journal, the latest Senate Health Bill would raise number of uninsured to 22 million people by 2026 compared to ACA, the CBO says.  

This news is depressing.  

There are politicians who think this is “good” for America, for millions to be without insurance, forced to make life or death decisions based on money or lack thereof.

The United States remains the only industrialized country in the world with a dysfunctional privatized health care system (excluding Medicare/Medicaid).  We have the most expensive care, with the least effective outcomes, in relation to cost.

Every other major industrialized country has already long ago established a single payer system (or some variation) such as Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Sweden, Norway, etc.  

I read recently that Warren Buffet said the greatest threat to capitalism is the cost our health care system.  It’s untenable.  

The Chancellor Affair: The FBI File

Chancellor FBI FileI just published a short ebook on my great relative of mine, William Estebrook Chancellor.  

Entitled “The Chancellor Affair: The FBI File: The True Story about How President Warren G. Harding Abused Power in the White House and Silenced His Most Vocal Critic” it’s a true story that is hard to believe.  

It was handed down to me orally in fragmented parts over the years from my mom, aunts and uncles, whom had direct knowledge of the events. It took me a decade to figure it all out from archival resources, and there was so much misinformation on due, in part, to certain Harding biographers like John Deane.

Here’s the summary: The American economy is in a recession. The Republican president, with strong ties to the oil industry, is dim-witted but loyal to a fault. The US Attorney General is abusing power against American citizens. And a book, written by an outspoken political critic, bashes the president and causes an uproar among the masses.

Looking back almost 100 years, a previously untold retribution scenario played itself out with United States President Warren G. Harding, Attorney General Harry Daugherty and college professor, William Estabrook Chancellor.

Download the ebook on Amazon.