People who Manipulate aka Gaslighting

I was in a relationship once with a woman who was an expert at manipulating me, and she used it on me very effectively. 

Business Insider has a good article on how people do it.  They call it “gaslighting” after the 1944 movie “Gaslight,” which is about a man who tricks a woman into losing her mind.  That’s about what happened to me.

Whatever you call it, it sucks to be the victim of it.giphymanip

Why I left Los Angeles …

LA Weekly recently published an article saying one needs to make $109,000 dollars per year to be able to reasonably afford a two-bedroom apartment, which now costs, on average $2,556 per month, not including utilities.  To earn $109,000 per year, one would need to be in the top 10% of all earners in the United States. 

Back in 1995 to about when I left in 2003, a typical two-bedroom apartment was about $1,250 and that was on the low end .  In 2000, my old bungalow style two bedroom apartment off of Melrose Avenue was about $1,000 per month because I got grandfathered into the low rate.