Post Office Conversation

This convo exchange I had the other day pretty much sums up modern America – not just in dealing with government public employees, but also in dealing with private for-profit corporations, which are arguably far worse.  It’s all one big hustle to take your money. 

If you argue back, and waste your life energy, you might prevail, but at what cost?  

This convo happened at my local United States (USPS) post office last week:

Me: “So in my neighborhood, the community mailbox’s lock and key are broken, like on my mailbox. Lock appears jammed up. I think I need a new lock and key, please.”

Post Office Worker: “Oh, my.  Well, that’ll be $25 dollars.”

Me: “Uh, ok, but isn’t the box considered federal property? Why do I have to pay to fix federal property? It looks as old as the community.  Over 25 years old.”

Post Office Worker: “It’s like maintenance on your refrigerator. You have to pay.”

Me: “But the fridge belongs to me as my property. I can’t remove my portion of the mail box if I sell my house and move somewhere else.”

Post Office Worker: [Blank look.] [Pause.] “You need to talk to manager.”

Me: “Ok, please let me talk to the manager.”

Ten minutes later.

Post Office Worker: “We’ll replace it, no charge.”


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